"Those who encounter each other, go through a metamorphosis to an unknown direction. They are no longer themselves. They are not in the same place anymore..."

I heard the philosopher Peter Pál Pelbart talking about encounter in a class in Brazil in 2016.

Until that day I was creating my artwork unconsciously,

but I started thinking about the meaning of my intentions after that. I also found out that encounter: It's not about the conjunction "and", but the complexity implied by the preposition "with".

It's about poetry, melody, harmony, isn't it?

I'm Brazilian and during the last years I've been living in different countries: Brazil, Spain, Germany, Brazil again and now the USA.

I miss my roots and I miss myself.


I usually say that I left some pieces of myself in each country I've lived, but also got new things from them. My completeness is in weaving or sticking these newer parts with what I used to be.

I work with fragments, half and entire images (my photographs or with magazines) and I always try to achieve the best harmony for them. That's how I see the world: pieces, their encounters and metamorphoses, because that's the nature of our times.

Karina was born in Joinville, South of Brazil, in 1976.

Since 2018 has been based in Charlotte, NC, USA.

She is graduated in Pharmacy, has a Master's in Marketing and studied photography during  2011/2012, at the Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine, in Madrid. Since 2017 she has been creating collages, after taking part in a course at Tomie Ohtake Institute, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In her work she experiences the unclear, changeable and ambiguous through the encounter of images and their transformation when they fuse.


She most works with photographs and magazines.

Collage group exhibition: 

2019 Kaos Internacional Festival · Slovenia

2019 Plexi Gallery · Sao Paulo, Brazil

2019 Defaced Zine #2 · World Collage Day Edition

2019 Paste Up · Festival Internacional Collage · México

2018 MulaFest · Madrid, Spain


Photography group exhibiton:

2017 Ela, as imagens · Vértice Gallery · Sao Paulo, Brazil

2016 Art Museum of Blumenau · Brazil 

2016 Cultural Foundation of Joinville · Brazil


2017 - 2018 Art Group at Renata Cruz Atelier · Sao Paulo, Brazil

2015 - 2018 Art Group at Fotô Atelier · Sao Paulo, Brazil

2016   Collage course at Tomie Ohtake Institute · Sao Paulo, Brazil

2011 - 2012 Photography course at Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine · Madrid, Spain

2005   Master´s in Marketing · Sao Paulo, Brazil

2000   Graduation in Industrial Pharmacy · Curitiba, Brazil

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